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Michael Downing, the LAPD deputy chief for counter-terrorism and special operations, envisions drones being flown over large-scale media events such as the Oscars, using them to surveil political protests, and flying them through buildings to track criminal suspects.

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Currently the top-selling drones have smart features which allow them to return safely to their home point when their battery is low, avoid obstacles on their way, fly around while keeping their camera focused on a selected subject, follow a pre-selected path and many more.

The Nano and Dromida are both supported by two of the largest hobby distributors in the world," Royer told us. Other inexpensive small drones are not as well supported, come with inadequate documentation, or both, making them less attractive for absolute beginners.

The site is regularly updated with safety news and tips from the Consumer Product Safety Commission as well as news relating to child safety from publishers like The New York Times, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, and Time magazine.

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