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Boston Heart Diagnostics

Identity & Logo

Boston Heart Diagnostics evolved from a regional specialty testing lab to a company which focuses on cardiovascular disease risk detection, assessment and treatment. They wished to communicate their new business focus through a name change (Boston Heart Diagnostics from Boston Heart Lab) and a new branding strategy.

The logo we deveoped blends the concept of the apple (representing health) with an abstract heart image to signify the connection between hearts and health (as embodied in the apple). Without the leaves, the graphic is definitely a heart. Add the leaves and the image retains its identity as a heart, but is now interpreted/connected with an apple. Additionally, the body of the apple/heart is essentially a pair of parentheses that “hug” or enclose a central heart-shaped space. Accordingly, a subtle secondary message is caring for the heart. Associated logos pick up this theme, and give continuity to the brand.