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Creative Philosophy

Creative that sets you apart

The quality of the creative solution a marketing firm provides is a critical factor in the success of your company and your brand. Get it right, research shows, and your audience subliminally identifies with you. They become more receptive to your messaging and are more likely to trust your products and services.

Creative excellence that resonates with technical, scientific and medical audiences is a hallmark of MicroConvergent Marketing.  Our goal, creatively, is to reflect your company’s unique attributes in a compelling way that captures the attention, and, ultimately, the loyalty of your customers and prospects.

Our copywriters, artists, designers are chosen for their ability to derive visual and messaging solutions that reflect your company and your operating philosophy.  We do not believe a single design and creative approach should be applied to all clients.  For maximum benefit, each client should have a distinctive look and feel attuned to the perceptions and needs of their customers.  That is the way to ensure success in the marketplace.